Mikey Gh Releases Sexy Girl video

After enjoying massive airplay with the hit single, the Money Go Flow artist has finally released a classic video to the hit single.

The video which was released on the 9th August 2014 features one of Ghana’s versatile rappers; Captain Planet of 4×4 music group. The video was shot in South Africa some months ago.

Watch Sexy Girl by Mikey Gh feat 4×4’s Captain Planet below

Solomon Ewusie

Cape Coast Music

Cape Coasters are gradually beginning to understand and appreciate music made by the people of Cape Coast and Central Region at large. I believe it’s in the right direction since the “boys” are fighting a very good fight. In as much as they are doing their best, I think they can still do better if they consider some of their ways as upcoming musicians.
Few of the artists from Cape Coast are being received largely by the people of Ghana and I think it’s a good call that the other musicians have to respond to and sustain that. I know and believe they are doing their best but my piece is to make them aware that they must keep fighting the good fight and expect nothing but blessing from God.
Some years ago, a very few people from Cape Coast “liked” music made from Cape Coast. The promotion compared to other regions was and I think it’s still better than that of Cape Coast. These were due to several reasons such as poor sound quality, poor lyrical content just to mention a few. This has changed so well to the extent that Cape Coast people now love music made in “ObamaCity”. Musicians from Cape Coast don’t have any excuse to deliver below expectation. They now have the support of radio and television presenters, bloggers, and promoters, among others. I believe the time to raise Cape Coast music to the world has come and its now. I expect to see every musician from Cape Coast to feel challenged and live up to expectation. The likes of Ambassador, Quame Zarggy and a host of other renowned commercial artistes from the Central Region have fully paid their dues and the time has come for these “young” ones to actually make the world feel the good music it could be known for.
In as much as we are trying to gain national and international recognition, I believe some of the secret weapons the musicians need to have is Unity, Perseverance, hard work, Determination and good management.
The time has come for all the musicians’ and those in the creative industry to come together. This call for unity is being lead some industry players such as sound engineers, radio presenters and almost all of the musicians themselves. We need to support each and give each other all the support we can master. Let’s stop the hating and back biting. Though the industry needs people with smart ideas and giving credit to whom it is due is very necessary for the Holy Bible even talks about it. Let’s come together and make history for the region and boost our music careers for with Unity, we are already winners.
We might make the music with all the good qualities but it will not be played on the radio, we might be on shows; my brother, don’t give up! If you truly believe you are doing your best, don’t give up! Keep fighting for your time will surely come. Read about Sarkodie and some other artists and you will agree with me on this one. My brother, success is never achieved on a silver platter and most importantly, in our part of the world, you need to prove all the doubting Thomas’s wrong. Do your do and success shall surely be yours. Searching and listening to Do Your Do by Mikey Gh feat. T Phlow will be of a great help.
Put in all your best, work with all your confidence and promise yourself to deliver when you have the least opportunity. Opportunity they say comes only once. Do your best if you truly want to take music as your career and make a living out of it. Be determined always and never give up anytime soon. Even the starting of the missing Castro might terrible than yours but he never gave up. He fighting and now he chooses what to wear and what to eat. Fight on and keep the hope alive.
Looking at the trend at which the music industry is going, making yourself and profitable product will be of a great help. This will enable you get the good management you have always dreamt off. No manager or producer will be willing to invest or produce a product which will not give him/her money. We talk about quality branding in the next article.
With this little piece, we believe the musicians from Central region and Cape Coast will feel challenged and do their best as they make the region and the country proud.
Solomon Ewusie – CAPE 360

Lengthy But Worth Reading and Repeating

“Good bye Mr. Fred, You will be Missed Greatly” – Rudolph Mensah
“Time never goes that fast when I’m in the states but goes very fast when am in Ghana” – Fred Graham. These are the words of one of our donors who ended his weeks of stay making education possible in Ghana. His visit was memorable one and hopes to come back again next year to continue the “making education possible” movement. Despite the duration of his stay, he made some remarkable achievements with the support of all the Tomorrow’s Stars mentors who are helping in making education possible in Ghana. “His visit a memory worth repeating” – Solomon Ewusie
#Fred helped with getting the kg resource centre at Christ Cares Prep. School started with some resources. Tomorrows Stars hopes to make the classroom very interactive to enable the kids have direct connection of what they are studying in school. We therefore tasked Solo to make that a reality after some visit to some school with the resources during George’s visit. This has been Kathy’s dream and so far so good, the teachers have accepted that concept and are supporting that. Fred helped with establishment of the centers in both kg 1 and kg 2 by buying some resources and actively involved with the set up.
#He also bought internet routers for both Christ Cares and Bantuma School. This will be of great benefit to the students and the school since this will enable the students to stay in touch with the world and keep themselves updated. Special thanks to Solo who roamed with him through the streets of Cape Coast making sure he gets the best deal for the schools.
#He with Sue helped the prize day at the Bantuma School Library where Richard awarded the best readers of the reading club. They awarded the members of the reading club who have improved upon their reading ability weekly. They delivered a speech and the headmaster thanked them for the support and tasked the readers to keep reading since that will enable them to achieve their aim and be who they want to be in the future. We are grateful to our librarian Richard who has been keeping the reading club active.
#He helped the CCAPTSU homecoming reunion organisation and celebration. He donated some books and pens during the awards day. The speech he delivered will never be forgotten. As a father encouraged the students not to give up in life. It was so fun watching him and Madam Sue give out prizes and congratulating the best 2 students from each class. They never ended their journey there but continued to Edinaman Senior High School.
#There, they met our scholarship students who are learning very hard to achieve their dreams. Their inspirational and motivational speech was never left out. They asked them to chase their dreams always and make education possible always. They later met with the school administration (Headmaster and assistant headmasters), and thanked them for their continuing support for helping the students and giving them all the support that they need. They appreciated the support they have given to Tomorrows Stars over the years. They further had some discussions with some of the teacher co-coordinators at the school and thanked for their support as well.
#The support and direction he gave to the girls club was very immense. He helped with the organisation of the Adinkra day and making it a success. The girls learnt about the adinkra symbols and did some screen printing. They as well made some necklaces and beads for themselves and for the pals in Madam Sue’s school. His presence was greatly felt with his direction and coordination. The girls really enjoyed his guidance as he was an inspirational to all. He also helped the girls with the writing of stories using the Adinkra symbols them have chosen. The CCAPTSU executives, Otoo, Solo, and Rudolph et al made this a reality and we appreciate their support.
He plans to come back sometime next year with some grand kids to make education possible. On his behalf, we say thank to everyone who contributed either directly or indirectly to his stay. We appreciate the support given by the following; the school administration at Christ Cares School, Bantuma School and Edinaman Secondary School, all the Tomorrow’s Stars mentors in Ghana who are helping in making education possible. Special Thank you to all our donors and to Mr. Fred, we thank you very much for all the support. Fred arrived in Ghana on 3rd of July and left on the 16th of July 2014

Tee Phlow to release “Threesome”

After some months of consoling his funs with “The Warning”, Cape Coast fante rapper; Tee Phlow and his management are set to release 3 songs in a span of three weeks starting on 16th August 2014. The rapper should have released a song that would have officially ushered him on the mainstream music industry. Unfortunately, the manager of the artiste Da Hammer announced on his facebook timeline that the release cannot happen due to some technical challenges. A single track “The Warning” was however released by the artiste to console his funs for the failure to release his official track. The Warning featured the finest rapper with a worldwide acclaim from Ghana; Sarkodie. The song was produced by Da’ Hammer of the Last Two Music group.
From all indications, it seems all is set for the artist and his management to release the songs after being signed unto the The Last Two Music Group. This was announced by D’Hammer. Read below the post by Da Hammer of the Last Two Music Group;
“Teephlow and management will like to announce a marathon release which will see him release 3 songs in a span 3 weeks beginning 16th August 2014. This exercise is designed to console starving fans and give them enough for the upcoming holiday season. All songs are produced by D’hammer for The Last Two Music Group… Thank u”
Tee Phlow was the 1st Runners up during GhOne rap competition; ‘Da Biggest Thing in Gh Hip pop’. He is known for songs like Alkaida, Photocopy, Memuna etc. He has also been featured on Agona Swedru; a hiplife track by Kwaw Kese which had Obrafour on it.
We at Cape 360 can’t wait for the songs to be released. We wish Tee Phlow the best of luck and hope he delivers as he is known for.
Just watch!!!!
Solomon Ewusie – Cape 360


Its all about faith

Its almost mid of month and you might think all is over, just think of the wonders the Great Lord can do. As Christians, the Holy Book expects us to have faith in whatever we intend to achieve and work towards achieving that. Never let the past discourage you, be glad that you have life now which you can use to build a brighter future despite the history behind you. The life we are living is very short. Just have faith and make good use of it and NOW!. Never give up! So far as you have the confidence, work towards your dream by not forgetting the good Lord you are serving. Have faith, Work Hard and you will be a winner!! #SoloVision